Altersvorsorge mit Krypto-Währungen?

Der YouTube Kanal Versicherungen mit Kopf von Bastian Kunkel vermittelt normalerweise Versicherungswissen einfach und kompakt, damit man Versicherungen, die dahinter liegenden Verträge und die Kosten besser verstehen und einschätzen kann.

Eigentlich bin ich aber über den Podcast von Julian Hosp auf das Thema Bitcoin als Altersvorsorge gestossen. Egal ob Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum oder andere Kryptowährungen. In der Krypto-Show erfährt man alles über das Geld der Zukunft auf einfache und klare Art.

Im Gespräch zwischen dem Podcaster und YouTuber werden die Basics von Krypto-Währungen erläutert und wie man zur Altersvorsorge eine asymmetrische Anlagestrategie verfolgen kann. Hier das gleiche Gespräch als Video:

Abschliessend die Shownotes des Podcasts als Übersicht der weiteren Themen, die zur Sprache kamen:

  • [02:51] Einleitung von Basti Kunkel
  • [09:15] „Bitcoin“: kurz und knackig, simpel und einfach erklärt
  • [11:34] Langfristiges vs. kurzfristiges Investieren
  • [15:40] Wieso du nicht nur Bitcoin allein, sondern v.a. mehrere Kryptowährungen setzen solltest
  • [19:01] Wie du deine Anlagen streuen solltest
  • [24:58] Ist Bitcoin eine Anlage? Julian sagt uns seine Meinung
  • [28:45] Wie du Abzocken erkennst
  • [34:52] Julians Erfahrung: Traut er sich eine Prognose zu machen, wo Bitcoin Ende des Jahres stehen wird?
  • [41:27] Bitcoin: eine Spekulation?
  • [47:01] Werden Kryptowährungen unsere Fiat-Währungen ersetzen
  • [50:25] Wie wird die Welt in 30 Jahren sein?
  • [55:14] Zusammenfassung & Fazit

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Mastering Ethereum

Last year in October 300 people including myself enjoyed an amazing talk by Andreas M. Antonopoulos at the Bitcoin Meetup Switzerland at Glockenhof in Zürich.

Before his main talk he publicly announced Mastering Ethereum, a book for blockchain developers (75% about smart contracts) co-authored by Ethereum co-founder Gavin Woods.

The print edition is supposed to be released in February 2018. You can also check out the current state of the book on Github. On the cover of the book will be bees, an analogy for a decentralized „organism“.

Mastering Bitcoin (Github, O’Reilly) had ants on the cover. It was the first time O’Reilly put insects on a cover. The purpose of ants was the simple idea of a superorganism that has emergent intelligence from the collaboration of very simple nodes.

On his YouTube Andreas just published an interview by Stephan Nilsson, founder of Norway Bitcoin and Blockchain Association which took place at the Kasbah Hub on April 27, 2017 in Oslo, Norway. Here’s my favorite quote from the interview and after that the video itself.

The really interesting applications, those that are truly disruptive, truly out of the norm of what we do today on the Internet, that if you try to present them to an investor or regulator or a government agent they’re horrified, that’s a good test. If what you’re trying to do horrifies investors that’s probably about just disruptive enough to be a meaningful application. And if there’s smiles all around in a conservative board of investors – guess what – it’s not disruptive.

Questions and Topics

  • 0:49 – What are better ways to spread knowledge about Bitcoin and blockchain technology to young people (15-25 years old), especially in Nordic countries?
  • 4:09 – What would you say to technicians and programmers who say „this will never scale“? Will the propose solutions work?
  • 8:16 – The interest and marketing hype in „blockchain technology“ has exploded. What are your thoughts on Hyper Ledger and the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance? Is this disruptive innovation?
  • 14:21 – Ethereum is planning to switch over from proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake (PoS) algorithm. Is PoS secure, at scale?
  • 18:49 – What is your opinion about the role and risks of patents, patent strategies, and patent trolling in the blockchain ecosystem?
  • 23:22 – Should there be a separation between money and state? What role will blockchains play in a „perfect“ economical / social order? What are the issues for democracy when government operations are decoupled from tax revenue?
  • 27:23 – Should countries create national cryptocurrencies?
  • 31:44 – What can the general population do to secure themselves in the event of an economic collapse? Is Bitcoin an exit / safe haven?
    Should investors diversify their investment portfolio?
  • 36:44 – Which centralised services in the financial sector should be decentralised? What will the impact be?
  • 40:20 – What is the role of drama and adversarial debate in the global, decentralised community?

Not Lucky. Chosen.

That’s a quote from the fascinating sci-fi AI (artificial intelligence) movie EX_MACHINA. In the movie it refers to Caleb, the most talented coder in a company similar to Google.

Today, I somehow imagined to realize, though, that we’re all not lucky, but chosen when I reflected a Facebook post by Christian (also quoted below). Right, some people also  try to write meaningful stuff on Facebook. Sort of the really alternative facts, i.e. fundamental laws of nature or consciousness.

I’m aware that this might come across a bit cheesy or esoteric, but it might be more „scientific“ than many scientifically minded folks are willing to admit.

Remember to be grateful and happy for anything that triggers, scares and „makes you sad or lonely“.

It is your greatest friend showing you EXACTLY where you have given your power away and clouded your perception from the bliss of your true nature.

Every contraction and „negative“ experience is equally worthy of love and acknowledgement as the expanding and „positive“ ones. Treating your experience as such will reveal the gift that lies in any given situation, which always is here to serve your highest benefit and evolution.

Then when you no longer resist the natural and perfect flow of life, you will find that you will be more free to choose your experience consciously.

Greater freedom of choice, comes from greater freedom of being. If you find that you are having a hard time choosing your experience freely, maybe it is because you are running away from something(only ever more of yourself) that you dont allow yourself to be with.

Allow yourself to be with life, it will not destroy you, only your erroneous, yet innocent idea of yourself which is in many ways the very thing holding you back from expanding into your truest desire:
Connection with the source within, which is connection with all life.

Celebrate all life, not just your idea of it and the true divine nature that lies at the foundation of it all will be made apparent to you.

This is a key to a happy existence.