A Hacker’s Redemption

Decrypted is yet another amazing technology podcast produced by Bloomberg Technology. The global technology industry is a powerful engine of innovation. It’s also a collection of insular communities full of hidden projects, quiet rivalries, and uncomfortable truths. One episode per week uncovers what actually happens behind closed doors.

By the time he was 27, Hector Monsegur had become one of the most notorious hackers on the Internet. With the vigilante group Anonymous and its offshoot LulzSec, he launched attacks against multibillion-dollar companies and governments around the world. But then he got caught. In theses 2 episodes of Decrypted, Bloomberg Technology’s Aki Ito and Brad Stone bring you his story in its entirety, in two episodes.

Part 1 recounts Hector’s childhood as he fell in love with the Internet, and gradually descended into the world of cybercrime. Part 2 traces his complicated journey to rebuild his life.

(Picture courtesy of Gabriella Bass)

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