How Virtual Reality Can Save Our Planet

In 12 minutes Carina Mentrup elaborates on how deeply she believes in the power of immersive experiences in education for sustainable development.  Virtual reality has tremendous potential to drive positive impact and change.

Scientists around the world agree that human behaviour has an impact on climate. Yet, global warming is a complex phenomenon to understand. The aim of the project VR Saving Planet A is to help us understand our interconnection and codependence with nature in order to motivate us to make more sustainable choices in our lives.

Immersive experiences are powerful and can create empathy. By virtually travelling the world in 360 and through change of perspective we can learn about the impact of our behaviour. The aim is to bring VR into schools to support education for sustainable development. This talk was given at a TEDx UniGoettingen in Northern Germany using the TED conference format but independently organized by the local community.

(Beitragsbilder von Carina Mentrup)

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