Overlapping Mini Careers

Start Up

The full time job as we’ve known it is dying and it’s being replaced by overlapping mini-careers that people are doing through online platforms.

In Episode Twenty of the Slack Variety Pack we hear from a man in the process of shedding his full-time security blanket and a woman who’s mastered the side-hustle juggle. Would you rather have one full-time job or a slew of freelance gigs?

Many people might still feel more comfortable in a typical full-time job, but having quit the traditional 9 to 5 workday myself in 2004, I’m definitely in favour of the idea of overlapping mini-careers instead. In the long run this is actually more secure and will not become as boring as one single job will after a couple of years.

Slack Variety Pack is a podcast about work, life, and everything in between. In every episode it guarantees a glorious mix of stories on innovative ideas, modern culture, and people who have found their purpose.

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