Not Lucky. Chosen.

Human Universe

That’s a quote from the fascinating sci-fi AI (artificial intelligence) movie EX_MACHINA. In the movie it refers to Caleb, the most talented coder in a company similar to Google.

Today, I somehow imagined to realize, though, that we’re all not lucky, but chosen when I reflected a Facebook post by Christian (also quoted below). Right, some people also  try to write meaningful stuff on Facebook. Sort of the really alternative facts, i.e. fundamental laws of nature or consciousness.

I’m aware that this might come across a bit cheesy or esoteric, but it might be more „scientific“ than many scientifically minded folks are willing to admit.

Remember to be grateful and happy for anything that triggers, scares and „makes you sad or lonely“.

It is your greatest friend showing you EXACTLY where you have given your power away and clouded your perception from the bliss of your true nature.

Every contraction and „negative“ experience is equally worthy of love and acknowledgement as the expanding and „positive“ ones. Treating your experience as such will reveal the gift that lies in any given situation, which always is here to serve your highest benefit and evolution.

Then when you no longer resist the natural and perfect flow of life, you will find that you will be more free to choose your experience consciously.

Greater freedom of choice, comes from greater freedom of being. If you find that you are having a hard time choosing your experience freely, maybe it is because you are running away from something(only ever more of yourself) that you dont allow yourself to be with.

Allow yourself to be with life, it will not destroy you, only your erroneous, yet innocent idea of yourself which is in many ways the very thing holding you back from expanding into your truest desire:
Connection with the source within, which is connection with all life.

Celebrate all life, not just your idea of it and the true divine nature that lies at the foundation of it all will be made apparent to you.

This is a key to a happy existence.



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