Digital Freedom Manifesto

On the 2nd day of this year’s re:publica conference F-Secure’s (CRO) chief research officer Mikko Hypponen gave a very revealing presentation asking the question whether our online future is worth sacrificing our privacy and security.

Many business models and platforms powering digital life are operating at the expense of privacy, always exploring new ways of utilizing and monetizing personal data. The personal data collected online (online persona) is being enriched with offline data (offline persona) collected by companies far less or completely unknown to most of us. On the other hand, groups and individuals willing to break the law are threatening our online security, e.g. fraudsters trying to make money or governments interested in surveillance and espionage.

To learn more about digital freedom, please read and sign the beautifully designed (both in content and layout) Digital Freedom Manifesto.


Although implementing online security and privacy might sometimes be intimidating to non-tech-savvy users, there are more and more apps and services that make it very easy. And if you need help with e.g. sending signed and/or encrypted emails, the Internet community is more than happy to support you.


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